A two day camp for 7-16 year olds, this half day summer Camp will teach kids of all skill levels to waterski and wakeboard. Our full day RMS+W Summer Camps also include a stand up paddleboard component. Equipment and instruction included. Two full day camps offered with paddleboarding option.

Summer Camp Schedule
Session 1 5/28 – 5/29 (9am-1pm)
Session 2 5/30-5/31 (9am-1pm)
Session 3 6/3-6/4 (8am-12pm)
**SUP CAMP** (1pm-4pm)
Session 4 6/5-6/6 (8am-12pm)
Session 5 7/1-7/2 (8am-12pm)
Session 6 7/8- 7/9 (8am-12pm)
**SUP CAMP** (1pm-4pm)
Session 7 7/10-7/11 (8am-12pm)
Session 8 7/15-7/16 (8am-12pm)
Session 9 7/17-7/18  (8am-12pm)
Session 10 7/22-7/23  (8am-12pm)
 Session 11 7/24-7/25  (8am-12pm)
 Session 12 7/29-7/30  (8am-12pm)
 Session 13 7/31-8/1  (8am-12pm)
Session 14 8/5-8/6  (8am-12pm)
Session 15 8/7-8/8  (8am-12pm)
A water skier
Two campers on a water tube

Want to level up your two-wheeled sporting skills? Our partners at Singletrack Mountain Bike Adventures (SMBA) are happy to help with our camps including mountain biking.

Founded in 1993, SMBA is the longest-running, independent, non-profit junior mountain bike program in Colorado. Our programs introduce young riders to the exhilaration and adventure of the sport. Through daily riding challenges, epic singletrack, and team building activities, riders soon build the necessary technique and tactics to master any trail. Through the SMBA progression that focuses on skill development, the riders dedicate time to drill mastery in early stages of the sport that further provides the element of success, safety, and of course FUN!

Join this water sports camp for a unique water adventure this summer located the Boulder Reservoir. From stand-up paddle boarding to canoe tug of war to pirating, and trips to dream cove campers will spend the week learning the basic skills of multiple water sport activities.

We also partner with Cheley Colorado Camps, the best stay away adventure camp in Colorado where kids enjoy four weeks of unbeatable experiences.