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Race Clinics

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Stand Up Paddleboard
Stand Up Paddleboard • Bring Your Own Board

Race Clinics

These clinics are a great way to connect with the SUP race community in a fun, encouraging environment. After introductions we begin a technical lesson on some specific aspects of paddle board racing. The lesson is a great time to ask questions and dive deep with some of the most passionate paddler’s in Colorado. From there we will paddle a 1 mile course to practice some of the skills we learned in our lesson while getting 1 on 1 feedback from our pros. Finishing off with some fun there will be some skills games at the end of the night to show off during some fun games, challenging your notions of what paddling can and should be.

Thursday 5/26

This first clinic is a great time to see what it takes to be competitive in a paddle board race. Our experts will discuss how they train for races and what gear they use and recommend. It’s a great way to get a hands-on introduction to the sport. You will also be learning about the best way to start your race. The end of the night will round out with some games with aims, where you’ll get out of your comfort zone and try something new on the boards.

Wednesday 8/3

Get ready to get wet because this clinic is focused on buoy turns, the hand brake turn of paddle boarding. Not only is this skill critical in our races in Colorado, you’ll look great and have fun doing it! We’ll also practice walking around the board, don’t worry the experts will be falling in right next to you. These skills tend to lead folks to fall in the water but we say that’s where the fun is. Again we will round out the night with another game to continue to grow as paddlers and a community.

Thursday 9/1

Now that we’ve had some practice under our belts we are going to delve into some more technical skills and strategies to racing. Racers are going to get a lesson on how to approach winning a race, or at least beating your friends. This will include how to draft, how to pass, and how to pace yourself over the race distance. These skills should be the final pieces to having a fun and successful race!

Paddler Skill Level

Green: I might have paddled a few times and I want to figure out what racing is all about.

Blue: I paddle when I can and am able to walk around my board. I know some paddling techniques but want to learn some more!

Black: I’m an experienced paddler and know some technical strokes. I want to practice my racing skills and finesse.